Where shall we go tonight? – is the probably one of the most asked questions in mankind’s history after ‘Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyun maara?’ Unlike the Baahubali film, we do not keep you waiting but answer it in an instant.

All of us inherently are looking out for fun, quirky and interesting experiences. You often need an offbeat evening to take break from even your favourite pub / restaurant. But most often, inadvertently, we end up in the same place – sounds familiar, right! Luckily, we had our closest friend for inspiration as he was the catalyst and initiated all our quirky and interesting escapades in the city. He was even aware of experiences in our local spots that we didn’t know. Our vision is to make an online platform to help people plan their nightlife in India and make their every night out a memorable experience – we wanted to be that super-friend for all.

And Raprika.com was born

People looking to unlock the secret, the newest and the best nightlife on offer – Raprika has you covered. Searching for offbeat / quirky experiences in the city – just consult Raprika. Particular about music genre – Rock music / Bollywood music / EDM Night – Let Raprika inform you. Don’t know which place would suit your mood – dance, chill, fun – just Raprika some suggestions. Looking for deals – Raprika connects you to pubs with happy hours / discount on offer. Wanna try something different – microbrewery tours to pizza tossing to escape rooms to bartending tutorial – participate in Raprika curated events and experience fun.

For our corporate clients, we let you break to monotonous team lunches / dinners by offering our fun experiences – so compete with your boss in a beer quiz /game, learn a trick or two from our expert bartender as you learn mixology – all this while having the team lunch or dinner in a pub / restaurant. Book your experience now on Raprika.com/experiences

For fun and interesting experiences – Raprika came to the rescue as your super-friend which lets you to discover the best and hottest places in your city. Currently serving in 2 cities i.e Delhi and Bangalore, we are expanding our services to other cities in India.

As a prelude to Oktoberfest, we are conducting a mega event – “Know Your Beer” – Microbrewery Tours across best pubs in Bangalore. Book your slot now, on Raprika.com to get a deeper understanding of our favourite beverage – Beer.


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