Office Party Guide: For Millennial Managers

The corporate world has undergone a series of changes to keep up with the millennials. From casuals at work, to flexi timings, to changes of compensation structure and appraisal process, the millennial manager has to adapt to multiple changes to better engage his employees.


One of the most crucial tools any manager uses for employee engagement / team bonding is the periodic office party – team lunch / dinner or party in a local pub. But such office parties are all but a chore for the young workforce. There is minimal engagement avenues in such parties and the monotonous nature instills a kind of reluctance for attending such parties.

The millennial manager should look at new-age office parties for employee engagement –  one that negates monotony and improve engagement. The latest trend of experience-led parties is just the right tool in the arsenal of today’s manager.

The 3 Es (Experience, Experiment and Engage) to keep in mind when planning your next office party.


Millennials love trying out different experiences especially unique & fun things which make them stand-out. These experiences provide just the right avenue for office parties. It breaks the monotony and provides a memorable experience for the entire staff.

Experiences such as escape rooms, microbrewery tours, choco tours, bartending tutorial; which were absent from yesteryear’s scenario; have emerged in a big way for office parties.

Choose one of multiple fun experiences available in your city to be at the core of your team party. Fun experiences which your team members have wanted to try but haven’t are the easiest options. This, by virtue of the experience, allows for plenty of fun and memorable moments as teams are put in an unfamiliar territory.

Click here to learn more about experiences available in your city.


Whether it is experiences or a simple buffet / pub party – managers tend to follow the tried & tested venues. Couple of major reasons to that effect (1) Managers want to avoid the risk of trying out a bad venue (2) Limited time on their hands to arrange for the same.

Managers are too Busy with Work to Plan the Party

The first issue can be easily dealt with Zomato ratings – which more or less – is a good reflection of the venue. However, everyone is busy with work and planning a party is just not something they want on their plate. Most managers tend to delegate this work to employees – who themselves are amidst work and scramble to give options.

The best way to deal with this is to utilize services of party expert who would not only provide the best venues but also at a much lower price as they tend to know the rates.

Visit Raprika for one party expert services available at your disposal.


Selection of good venues and experience would definitely ensure a good memorable office party. However, team lunch / dinners are perfect avenues to improve team bonding and  understanding the team better.

Pizza Tossing Buffet: Most Popular Experience

So forget the team-outings – which happen once/twice a year – and which are laden with HR activities, most employee run away from.

Team lunch / dinners are the perfect opportunity to engage with your team. The experience you have to choose must involve some activity where team members are either competing in a team / functioning as a team. And food is the perfect tool for such engagement as everyone loves food.

Incase you are wondering how can you do that while on your team lunch – don’t worry check this article Innovative Food or this link InteractiveF&B for a list of such experiences.

Corporate world is changing – from concept of work-life balance to work-life design – from customer-focus to employee-focus – from amiable office timings to flexi timings. It is high time Indian managers take the leap into the experience-led office parties and be a part of this millennial trend.

So, what are you doing for your next office party?


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