5 Innovative & Fun Team Bonding Events, HRs need to organise!

The millennials are the largest group in the working population and HR managers now need to find innovative ways to keep them engaged. Traditional team bonding is too cliched for the millennial who is looking for fun and truly enjoyable experiences and activities.

The new-age HR manager needs to tap into the growing trend of experience-led team events and sessions. Some of the trending team bonding sessions for the millennial bracket is as follows.



Gather your team and compete through a series of clues in an adrenaline filled recreation of the popular amazing race. Multiple app-enabled scavenger hunts have been introduced. Your arena for the same can be your corporate park, public park, your office or any other venue of your choice.

Learn more @AmazingRace



Compete in a masterchef inspired cook-off as your colleagues are pitched against you. You cook in groups and collaboration is the key word as you prepare menu and swirl up a 3-course meal.

Learn more @MasterChef



Prepare for war as you compete in 3 battles across paintball, archery and pistol shooting. Team with maximum points win as you make truce over a buffet.

Learn more @Shootout

#4 Escape Room


Be a team and solve a series of challenges / puzzles as you try to escape the room. One of the most popular experiences for the corporates.

Learn more @EscapeRoom



Learn the tricks of bartending as you conjure up your own cocktails. A fun session for the entire team.

Learn more @Mixology

Just browse other experiences @Other Fun Experiences;  click and book. Or chat with the Raprika party experts at http://www.raprika.com OR mail care@raprika.com for suggestions or questions.

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