Unlimited Beer Offers for Oktoberfest in Bangalore

Gear up Bangalore junta, Oktoberfest is here. Raprika has brought for you the best deals on unlimited beer in Bangalore. So tag your friend and go all out on your love for beer!

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#1 Unlimited Beer @Big Pitcher

Big Pitcher is giving interested patrons brewery tours and have announced a special unlimited beer and food package for INR 943 AI per person. They have also brewed a special Oktoberfest beer – do check it out.

Book here BigPitcherBeer


#2 Beer for INR 1 @Beer Cafe

Head out to your nearest beer cafe and first 50 people will get Beer @ INR 1. Head out to the nearest outlet on any day.


#3 NonStop Beer @ Bottle&Glass

Get your pal and go to Bottle&Glass, Indiranagar and drink beer nonstop for INR 699…

Book now @ Bottle&Glass


#4 Starters + Beer @ Aloft Whitefield

Gather your friends, drink unlimited beer and non-stop starters at W XYZ, Aloft at Whitefield. Book your place here AloftBeer @INR 899


#5 Beer Unlimited @ The Lounge, Jayanagar

In Jayanagar, gather your gang and go to The Lounge and drink unlimited beer @ INR 599. Book here TheLoungeBeer


Check out amazing Oktoberfest experiences @ raprika.com


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