Innovative Team Building Ideas: Scavenger Hunt & Escape Rooms

Team-building activities are a part of corporate life and everyone has attended these mundane team sessions. But as more and more firms emphasize employee engagement, the need for more unique and engaging experiences increases.

The end result: the emergence and rise of escape rooms and citywide scavenger hunts.

FUN ALTERNATIVE to the dreaded team outings!

These new experiences bring a level of excitement, fun —and perhaps effectiveness—to the once-dreaded team outings. We’ve seen an increase in the demand for these types of events.

One of our clients recently booked The Escape Room Experience, which combines the themes and puzzles in an adrenaline-fueled competition with a life-like action movie experience. Not only did our clients get completely wrapped up in the competition, but as per their review – these escapades has been the talk of the office ever since.



Scavenger hunts may also be a more effective way to improve teamwork. Rather than establishing trust by falling backwards into someone’s arms or other such ‘bonding activities’ , attendees are actually required to work together to solve a puzzle. Your team will learn how best to work with their teammates and how to think creatively to solve problems (disguised as a game). Chances are, if guests enjoy the activity, they’ll be more excited to grow their new relationships back at the office.



Just after the event, is the best time to discuss adventures and mis-adventures that happened. Enjoy the playful discussion over drinks and / or Buffet at a nearby place.

Ready to kickoff your escape room or scavenger hunt event? Browse through

Just browse, click and book. Or chat with the Raprika party experts at OR mail for suggestions or questions.

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