Innovative Food-based Team Activities

Most of us, in the corporate world, are bored with the usual team bonding activities. It is time people innovate and make corporate sessions interactive and experience-based.

Banking on this trend, numerous cooking studios in Bangalore are providing fun cooking & food based sessions for the corporate consumers.

# 1 THE MASTER-CHEF CHALLENGE (1/2 day Activity)

You will complete with your colleagues in groups of 4-5 in MasterChef inspired task. Your team will decide the ingredients, menu, budget, barter with other teams and strive to make the perfect meal in a short time – team chemistry is critical.

After the fun cook-off, teams get to enjoy sumptuous food as an Expert debriefs the team about their interaction and areas of improvement. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit for more info.


#2 Pizza Tossing – Learn the Art as You Enjoy (2-3 hr Activity)

It is a cook-off, but all facets of pizza making is under scrutiny. Learn the art of pizza tossing as your team gathers the right ingredient to make an awesome pizza which would be judged. Sure to provide many moments of fun and laughter as people master the perfect pizza toss. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit toss.


#3 Willy Wonka Inspired Choco Tour (2-3 hr activity)

Take a tour of the chocolate factory, indulge in tasting fine chocolates and then roll up your sleeves as you prepare your very own chocolates. For choco lover in your office, this will be a trip to wonderland. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit


#4 Flair Japanese Cooking @Your Table (2-3 hr activity)

Watch in amazement as the Chef conjures up acrobatically delicious food at your table. Live cooking at its best as you enjoy the visual artistry in motion while enjoying great food cooked fresh in front of you. Don’t miss this experience. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit

Flair Cooking_LR

#5 Learn Sushi Rolling From MasterChef (2-3 hr Activity)

Learn to make Sushi at the live cooking table. Post that turn your lunch or dinner into a live cooking experience as you witness the great artistry of the Teppanyaki style cooking at your dinner table. The Chefs are friendly and always put up a great show as you enjoy your buffet (included in the package).


Are you the among the corporates who have yet to adapt this trend of experience-led parties? Change your team outing / lunch into a fun experience filled event which would be remembered by your teammates. Book other fun and unique experiences designed especially for your office parties complete with Buffet / Drinks (as requested) on


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