5 Creative Office Party Ideas, instead of the boring Buffet

Most of us in the corporate, go for that monthly office lunch or dinner to the nearby Buffer or Pub. It has become so monotonous that companies are now on the lookout to make the office lunch or dinner, truly memorable.

Here are 5 office party ideas to make the event truly memorable and worthwhile.

# 1 Pizza Tossing Experience


Get your team to collaborate and compete, as you toss your own pizza and make custom pizzas for the group. Post the experience, the group will bond over their custom pizza and other items in the Buffet. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit Raprika.com/Pizza toss.

#2 Play Hilarious Soapy Football


Enjoy a game of soapy, slippery football as you enjoy the antics of your colleagues. Buffet and drinks, right after the hilarious game definitely make this one of the most exciting experiences on offer. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit Raprika.com/SoapyFootball

#3 Golfing Experience


Every one of your colleagues must want to try golf. So why not take them on an assisted golfing experience with a pro and let them swing away. Discuss your exploits while enjoying sumptuous buffet afterwards. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit Raprika.com/Golf

#4 Bartending Internship


One of the most popular corporate internships – involving a Expert Bartender led session on cocktails and mocktails (for the teetotaler) including acrobatics and signature moves. Enjoy buffet and drinks while you learn the basics of mixology. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit Raprika.com/Mixology

#5 Flair Japanese Cooking with Sushi Rolling

Flair Cooking_LR

Watch in amazement as the Chef conjures up acrobatically delicious food at your table. Live cooking at its best as you enjoy the visual artistry in motion while enjoying great food cooked fresh in front of you. Don’t miss this experience. To book, Call 9742198908 or visit Raprika.com/FlairCook

Book other fun and unique experiences designed especially for your office parties complete with Buffet / Drinks (as requested) on Raprika.com


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