Bengaluru Big Beer Fest 2017 – Journey to the Center of the Brewery |Raprika

Big BEER fest

Tu beer hain, main beer hoon. Par akhir beer kya hain? – find Out with Raprika’s “Know Your Beer” mega-event… a series of microbrewery tours across the best pubs in Bangalore.

This is a shout out to all the beer lovers in Bangalore – which effectively means all the junta in Bangalore. Frequently visit a microbrewery? In love with the craft beers on offer? Want a deeper look into the magic that transpires behind the scenes?

Your wish is coming true. Raprika ( has arranged for microbrewery tours across the best pubs in Bangalore to enhance your Beer Gyan. It is not a mere session in brewing but more of an immersive experience right in the heart of the brewery happening each Saturday beginning 26th Aug to 23rd September 2017. 

The tour will start with the Brew Master providing an overview of the process. Then the guests would dive into the ingredients – taste the malted barley, smell the hops, peak into the multiple brewing machinery and check out the fermentation process. An expert guided beer tasting session would ensue complete with food pairings. After the tour, you come back with a better appreciation of the craft beers, brewing process and key beer Gyan which you can share with your friends the next time you are at the brewery!

Our partner microbreweries have the best brews in town. So, gather your friends and book your slots now at

 1. The Biere Club, Whitefield


The cobbled streets, old fashioned wrought iron street lights and park benches, colourful building facades with window box flowers, the arched entrances and the overall decor reminiscent of a Europe is a perfect place to sample excellent craft beers.

Book your tickets for a Brewery Tour at The Biere club, whitefield here

2. The Biere Club, Lavelle Road


Boasts of being the first microbrewery in town – so feel a sense of history as you join the Club which started the trend of microbreweries in Bangalore. Sit back, relax and enjoy its full range of exquisite craft beers.

Book your tickets for a Brewery Tour at The Biere club, Lavelle road here

3. Brewklyn, Kalyan Nagar


Graffiti on the pillars, exposed bricks alternating with black-green walls, seating booths with brownstone finish, paving stones on the floor, Brewklyn transport diners to the streets of suburban New York.

Book your tickets for a Brewklyn’s Brewery Tour here

4. Big Pitcher, Old Airport Road


From crafting the finest Indian flavoured beers to serving gourmet dishes to electrifying live performances to pulsating music at the discotheque to a romantic rooftop fine-dining experience, Big Pitcher has it all for Bangalore’s hip and discerning crowd

Book your tickets for a Big Pitcher’s Brewery Tour here

5. Murphy’s Brewhouse, Domlur


Beer barrels and classic Irish ambience brings this pub to life and superior hospitality sets it apart. This typical Irish pub brews its own beers and serves them alongside a menu of pub-grub classics.

Book your tickets for a Murphy’s Brewhouse Brewery Tour here

6. Barleyz, Kormangala


Craft Beer, Fine Dining; Contemporary Restaurant; Cafe; Comfy Garden. If this is what you have been looking for, then look no further. Barleyz is there in the heart of Bangalore to tantalize your taste buds and appeal to the beer connoisseur in you.

Book your tickets for a Barleyz’s Brewery Tour here

Looking to check more about the Big Beer Fest 2017 with Microbreweries tours happening each Saturday beginning 26th Aug to 23rd September, visit here.

Big Beer Fest 2017 | Microbrewery Tours in Bengaluru

I can really feel the smell of Beer right now. Let me go and book one tour for myself and become a Beer expert this season. Hope to see you there too. Cheers!!


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