10 best Party fundas till date | Raprika

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Getting ready for tonight’s party?

I am sure you must have already thought of a brilliant idea to step outside the house and tell your parents. Right!

The ones who live an independent life and get drunk each weekend during the party ending the day taking a pledge not to drink again. Hey, I am talking about you only. Yes You! Why be embarrassed, its your life and you wanna live the way you want. But i am sure that you also must have thought of a brilliant excuse of partying or take your so called “ONLY PEG” of the night. We know that Party animal!

That’s why we came up with the best excuses and as we called the top 10 best party fundas we all have used once or multiple times. It goes for during drinking and even after drinking. And here we go –

1. How to Drag your non drinker friends to hook along you for the party


2. When every body around you become your “BHAI”



3. Ab Paise kam hai to kuch to karna padega na; Party mein to jana hai na



 4. How to make your Non DRINKER friend to drink along with you?



5. How to convince the Bouncer outside to get an ENTRY?



6. Ab so called “BHAI” ke sath aisa hua to peena to padega na 🙂



7. Oye, Abhi chadi nahi hai kisi ko. Apne ko to chadti hi nahi sali PAR



8. Ab Party jaane ke liye kuch technical funda bhi to jaruri hai na. To ye lo



9. After Party Effects, Jaate jaate Luck try karna to banta hai na



10. Now That is just a belief


Hope you liked it. Do you have yours to tell the whole world. Then Let us know and we can add the best ones here along with these.

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Do not wanna install the app, check us out at www.raprika.com. Keep Partying! Cheers.


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