This New year, Don’t be a Pappu | Raprika

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Our generation knows everything when it comes to action, going crazy and coming up with instant million dollar ideas but no matter what we do, there is a constant drawback which is ‘Confusion’.

We tend to think…..Overthink in fact way too much that we end up doing nothing! Does it reminds you of the last time you wanted to go out and party but couldn’t decide a place and it struck one with all the places shut and dead? Happens with all of us, especially at the time of special occasions when you are too excited and there are a hell lot of places with happening parties making it  troublesome to decide the party destination.

So at this prime time, when the New Year is knocking at our door are you going to be a Pappu ? Have you decided where to party on 31st Dec?

Lets take a look at some of the reasons why people end up being a ‘Pappu’ –


Depends on friends then the type of friends then the mood of friends, also the number of friends. Thus, they end up crashing at each others house doing the same things.



Trapped in the tradition of ‘you say’, they end up making love at home instead of going out and dancing their hearts out.



They spend too much time fighting, taunting then the kissing-n-making up, that they go round in round in the car running out of time to finally dropping each other home.


Do you come in these PAPPU categories? Then its time for you to stand up and make a change on this New Year.

How, you must be wondering !

The simplest solution – your own problem solver is just one download/touch away – RAPRIKA!

Open the Party pandora box of Raprika and get stunned to bag exciting deals and find your destination for New Years and book your tickets right away! The passes are limited so you need to grab them at the earliest.

Dont be a Pappu.jpg

You do it the Raprika way baby not the pappu way!

Support yourself with Raprika’s campaign and pledge not to be a Pappu with the end of this year ! Book your New Year party passes to the HOTTEST places in Delhi-NCR at

Check out the Top 5 places to party this New Year Eve

It’s time to gear up and be at one of the party places to enjoy the special night and Welcome 2017 in style. Cheers!!



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