Wow! Rs 1 can now Get you a drink at your favorite clubs |Raprika


During this time of demonetisation when people are  carefully spending even a smallest of penny out of their pockets, how can they think to party?

Sounds IMPOSSIBLE, right? But, no! Raprika brings you happiness at this hard hour by offering you thee biggest joy  DRINKS @ Rs 1* only

Surprised? Shocked! Did you ever imagine a vodka / whisky shot so cheap? At this time when people are collecting 100 rupee notes, all the party lovers in Delhi are required to fill their pockets with Re 1 coins! It’s time to finally give importance to the long forgotten one rupee coin.


This super offer, without burning a hole in your pocket, is just here for you. Buy a drink only for Rs 1 now.  Now the next question is obviously WHERE & HOW :


Happening at your very own, Delhi’s favourite and biggest party hub – Hauz Khas Village (HKV).


All one has to do is to book their entry with the participating club via Raprika website ( or the mobile app & enjoy your drink at Rs 1* only.

Holding onto the excitement, hop on to the participating clubs right now

  1. The Groghead, Green Park
  2. Bootlegger, Hauz Khas Village
  3. Fork You*, Hauz Khas Village
  4. Levels, Hauz Khas Village
  5. The Roost, Hauz Khas Village
  6. The Frat House, Hauz Khas Village


This offer is valid till Friday, 30th December 2016 for all the clubs mentioned above except Fork You for which the offer is valid till Tuesday, 20th December only.

For more details and info on the offer, please check

So why are you wating? Book your parties on the go anytime & anywhere with your party guide RAPRIKA  and enjoy drinks @Re 1* today.

Hurry now, we can wait for you but not the drinks @Re 1!!

For all the crazy stuff and the best parties, visit us at If you are looking to party in a group, contact us for the best deals in the clubs, Lounges, Pubs & bars in Delhi-NCR. Keep Partying!


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