I do not smoke or drink, but i party hard and live the life to the fullest

I don't drink and smoke but I am a Party animal.jpg

WHAT. WHY. HOW?  Ooohhh so Boring! You’re missing half of your life!

Are you serious?

That means you do not like to party and have fun!

Heard these lines before from your friends and so called closer ones with a drink in their hand? Then I am sure you just answered “NO” to a simple question which was “Hey, Do you drink?”

What is it that keeps the party going and makes it happening, obviously the people ! Have you wondered what’s so different about the crowd at parties than in carnivals or at cinemas?

We equate parties to only smoking and drinking and the people unleashing its after affects are assumed to be cool! A person not high but insanely dancing at the crazy parties is considered as a myth but lets have a reality check today, they do EXIST!

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Alcohol can sometime make you aggressive, loosens your power to think, your superego sleeps and ID awakes (to all the Freudians!). No, there is no one asking you to stop drinking and smoking but just a call to let each one of you know that most of the rocking parties happen even when the people choose to remain sober. Drinking is just a part of the parties but its the people who make it alive, be it a drinker or a non drinker. They just need to Party type!

For the people who quote non-drinkers as boring, this one goes for you. Have you ever thought may be you are boring because you need alcohol for your dull personality and to get your legs and booty moving to finally enjoy the real party. Damn!

The existence of silent parties is known to all, right? No loud music, only individual ear plugs with the similar music and a dance floor.. When such a thing can happen, can’t we enjoy and set ourselves free without sipping those Long Island Ice Teas or going crazy for those never ending flaming vodka shots !

Teleporting to an altogether another world can be through music and when its the best, you don’t need much of alcohol or cigarettes doing any favours for you. Don’t believe me? Then better look at this marvelous experiment conducted by none other than your beloved Heineken. They called  it “The Experiment“. It focused on just one thing:

Dance More, Drink Slow’ shows how nights are enjoyed more when you are in control. 

I know what you may be thinking. Calm down, we are just focusing on Drinks and Parties :-).  To see the video, click http://goo.gl/TDsVds .

 Source: YouTube Heineken The Experiment

We all have a friend whose neither a smoker or drinker but the heart n soul of party, its hard or rather sad to party without him. He/she is the one who gets the dance floor rolling while the others are eyeing the perfect glass of drink at the bar. You enjoy the party your way and they do by their ways. Just the definition of fun and partying becomes different for different people.

To be frank, I enjoy all the parties and drink is not mandatory to do that. Be crazy according to the environment. I also love all my friends who drink and enjoy the parties their way; especially the ones which just start dancing after they get drunk. Oohhh, you just can’t miss those moments.

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If you are the one who drinks at the party, I am sure you may be calling the non drinkers boring time and again but remember  how much that boring friend did it for you in the past:

  • Just to make fun of you the next day, he/she lets you act all crazy, not stopping you from doing the most embarrassing things ever.
  • Doesn’t he handle, pick you up, make you feel better and happy after you are totally sloshed.
  • Don’t forget, he/she was the one to drive you back home after all the crazy late night parties.
  • He/she snatches your phone and hides it away barring you from making any drunk calls that you might regret later.

Thinking of that someone boring, party animal friend who was there with you always? Yes people like them do exist and I am sure you are able to remember some of them right now.

I believe we all are intelligent enough to be able to have fun in more ways than one.  I am  happy the way I am and people should stop judging people on the habits and capabilities to find ways to damage their lungs and liver, just to be called “COOL”. Do what U like to do and not what others want you to pretend. That does not help anybody in the long term. I certainly know how to have my kind of fun and I don’t force people to see things my way. I leave it on them to take that call.

Socializing is not by any way equivalent to drinking. If you do not want to drink, then don’t. Why feel bad about the same? As they have a choice to drink, you always have the choice not to. You have come to enjoy at the party, so just Enjoy.

This is a shootout to all such friends, who are an epitome of happiness, craziness and partiness. Cheers!!

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