What’s your reason to party tonight!


Each one of us has our own reasons to party. Some of us are tired working over the week and hence wanna spend the weekend partying. Many of us are celebrating one or the other occasion, hence partying. Some just topped the exam, some just failed in all and hence partying. There could be numerous reasons to enjoy the night with the friends. We are looking at some of the coolest ones which, i am sure all of us must have head at least once. Here it goes:

1 – Tera bhai pass hogya exams mein, aaj raat ki party meri taraf se.

2 –  Friend 1: Number mil gya bhai uska!

        Friend 2: Milwa toh de yar

        Friend 1: Mil le kal party mein!

3 – Friend 1: Got a new i-watch bro! Its worth 40k!

       Friend 2: Saale mujhe 400 toh diye ni jate tujse L

       Friend 1: Chal tuje party deta hu!

4 – Baby we’ve completed 1 month together! Let’s party!

5 – Friday night hai bro, kuch karte hai!

Hkv chal we’ll drink and party!

6 – Guys, my birthday week has started! We’re all going out tonight!

7 – I attended all 6 classes today buddy, we need to celebrate! Such a rare day today.

8 – My love, where are we going for our pre-valentines date?

9 – I finally got rid of her  ya!

Break up ki party chahiye bhai ab to!

10 – I’ve just bought a new dress, Gotta flaunt it. Where’s the party tonight?

Be it any reason, the only thing common is that all of us wanna party. Why ask somebody else for the party place in delhi when you have Raprika, the party app. Discover the best parties in Delhi-NCR at www.raprika.com.

Share your comments about your reasons to party:  

We are sure that you must be remembering some of your weird reasons to party. Let us know some and we will put up on our blog pages with your name to let everybody know.


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