Are you Ready for the Party, here is the Party checklist

Party checklist

To all the party lovers out there, the happiness starts right from the time you decide that you have to party on a blah blah blah day. The excitement builds up when the venue is decided (Still confused where to party tonight, Just Raprika it baby). Now comes the time when you have to make sure that everything goes well and from top to bottom you look the best to be noticed by each and everyone at the party!

So Guys and Girls, Are you ready for the party? Here is the checklist for the party before you go ahead and get drunk.

  1. Clothe up !

Now that you have already fixed up your party destination using Raprika – the party app, all you need to do is get an outfit according to theme of party.

TIPS for all the ladies

If it’s a casual music night, pick up your blue jeans and team it up with a fancy top – flats or heels – anything would make you roll !

Get your LBD (Little Black Dress) out if going for a crazy single ladies night, you will rock the dance floor in your heels!

Don’t have one, get it online with Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Limeroad, Voonik, Jabong or Yepme. Hit it, you never know you meet someone special tonight.

TIPS for all the men

With the abundance of fashion and trendy styles in Delhi, don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear a bow, tie, hat or go out in a R&B look or a suit, it’s your call; there’s nothing less or more when partying in Delhi.

  1. Check on all your friends and if you have forgotten to invite any, don’t hesitate even at the last moment.

Why go alone when you can easily get your friends along? Simply, share the event you booked via your party app – Raprika, with your friends on facebook and whats app.

  1. Acknowledge your night scene and be honest about your drinking scene.

Be sure to take your chauffeur or ride in a cab if you know its going to be a crazy scene.

TIP for all you out there

It’s okay to leave your car and pick it up the next morning or ask a sober friend to drive or just take a cab than risking your life, heads up to all the Responsible Drinkers!

Ola, Uber and your friend zoned friend is always at your service.

  1. Check on your cash, credits cards etc before leaving for the party 

It is always good to check the cash and cards in your wallet before you step out for the entertaining evening. We are sure that nobody wishes to wash  the plates later or want to get that stare from your girlfriend when the bill arrives. What say? Be safe, have your wallet.

  1. Do you have a box full of party stuff, LED lights, cool snapbacks, trippy glasses and going for a house party? Then bring it on!

Going for a House party at a friend’s place? Any party equipment or accessories will surely be of some help to the friend. You have something, Get it along.

That’s complete your checklist. You are now ready for the party. We hope you have a crazy one tonight. Cheers!!

Wanna add something to the list? We would love to hear from you about your checklist. We are sure its gonna be crazy. You may or may not forget some important things but if you are looking for the best parties in Delhi-NCR, then Just Raprika it. Download the Raprika party app on Android and IOS or just visit our website at



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